Wrexham v. Yeovil Town

Wrexham battered Yeovil Town today in a 3-0 victory at the Racecourse, with a ton more chances on target for the Reds not reflected in the final score. As the newly appointed brand ambassador for Wrexham AFC, I, like former president Donald Trump, am starting a blog, but I get to post mine on my Facebook page. As long-time ownee of Ryan Reynolds, I can tell you that the Wrexham owner is close to announcing his divorce from Blake Lively. He’s been emboldened by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates taking the plunge. Microsoft and Apple will survive the split and so will Wrexham AFC.

Ryan’s partner Rob McElhenney takes issue with the term owner and refers to himself and Ryan as co-chairmen of the club. The chairmen have certainly set themselves apart from the maligned, out-of-touch ownership in English football since they took over Wrexham in February. Major protests have broken out over Kroenke at Arsenal and the Glazers at Manchester City, sparked by the decision of nearly a third of the Premier League clubs to leave and join the European Super League. The Super League ended before it began, facing outrage from fans.

Ryan and Rob have successfully undertaken the Mythic Quest to run the football club in a way that reflects the fans and the heart of the community where it lives. Wrexham AFC has a long history of commitment from the feet up by fans and footballers alike, overcoming adversity and uplifting all around them. This sentiment resonates with me personally.

As Wrexham brand ambassador and an actress, I’m the needle in the haystack Mad as Birds production company is looking for to co-star in their upcoming film centered around Wrexham’s giant-killing win against reigning Division One champions Arsenal in the 1992 FA Cup. Hear me out. Just look at the IMDB description of this romantic comedy “A League Apart” set to start filming this summer:

Phil is obsessed by his football team Wrexham. Christina is a long-suffering sports widow. When Christina gives Phil the ultimatum, her or his team, which will he choose?

Ryan Reynolds is obsessed by his football team Wrexham. I’m nothing if not long-suffering, believe me! How long have I been waiting for Ryan to reveal to the world that he’s actually divorced from Blake Lively, so we can start our lives together? I’ll put it this way: we met in 2015. Six years ago. And, another thing, I’m 36 & never had a bun in my oven. See: long-suffering. And let’s face it, Ryan and I are already living inside a romantic comedy, ‘Truman Show’ style, so we might as well actually film one together.

My agent has been in touch with Mad as Birds Films about casting me, and the film’s director S.J. Evans has hinted on Twitter that he’s keen on it. We know Ryan is… He and I are the perfect match. Much like today’s fixture.

On the pitch, the skipper Shaun Pearson started things off early with a long-awaited goal. Then Luke “the Rocket” Young doubled our pleasure, doubled our fun when he went to goal and became the first Wrexham player in many moons to score double-figure goals in a season. We will have to wait for Mark Griffiths’ podcast to find out the exact year it last happened that a Red Man scored 10. The most recent Wrexham player of the month, Jordan Davies, rounded out the scoring and the 3, nil win. All the after-match Mint Mobile maths can be found at Wrexham’s Match Centre webpage.

The commentators Chay Long and Mark speculated about whether their designated Man of the Match Luke Young would want to celebrate with a cocktail or a Wrexham Lager. I think Youngy would fancy a Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin cocktail with chocolate syrup.

Who can take a sunrise… sprinkle it with dew…. cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two? The Candy Man!