His Style Rises Above

by indiaautry

This guy made last night my best Valentine’s Day ever…

Discovering Reeve Carney as Spiderman on Broadway, getting caught in his web – and creepily bringing it home with me.

I don’t still have it though.

Yes, I do.

Anyway. I highly recommended the show. Funny lines, action and animation that you don’t get in the typical musical, a highly entertaining Southern-accented Green Goblin, and more comic bookishness than the movie provided.

But one actor made the show. Reeve Carney, a cross between Macaulay Caulkin, James Franco, and Zac Efron…but better than that sounds.

Reeve’s sincerity brought believability and excitement to the love story. His intensity made the music intoxicating: you have not heard “Rise Above” or “Boy Falls From the Sky” ’til you hear him belt them out on stage with a surprising gravitas. And he has the fluid movement of a trained dancer.

Eat your heart out, Tobey.

As Peter Parker, Reeve pulled off geek chic. In one scene he wore a cool red and blue plaid shirt with jeans and matching red Converses – an outfit cute enough to make you wish your name was Mary Jane.

The real Reeve Carney, 28, is more emo than his Broadway character – allowing him to be even more stylish.

Did I mention he’s a singer-songwriter?

But don’t let the pretty boy style fool you. He bounced off stage walls and swung around Foxwoods Theater like a the manliest of men.

Someone please make this guy the next Ryan Gosling, so I can stare at him dreamily more often!