And the Lipstick and Style Oscar Goes to…

by indiaautry

From best dressed to most transformed, see my top picks below!

Best Makeup with a Black Dress

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Most of the Oscaritas in black paired their dark dress with neutral makeup, but (leg jokes aside!) Angelina Jolie did it right. She wore a orangy-red lipstick to brighten up her look and keep the dark-colored dress from washing out her face.

Maid of Honor

Ellie Kemper

Of all the funny girls in “Bridesmaids,” Ellie Kemper takes the Oscar for best look. Her dress has light-reflecting paillettes in bold tones of copper, perfectly matching her hair.

Best Ponytail

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

You don’t normally associate ponytails with uber formal events, but Sandra Bullock’s high, tight, and sleek pony does the job. And that’s not the only thing looking high, tight, and sleek! Her classy Marchesa dress is fitted in the hip area for a surprising sexiness.

Best Hair

Brad Pitt

Best actor nominee Brad Pitt, “Moneyball”

Yep. A dude.

Best Dressed Man

Jonah Hill

Moneyball’s Brad Pitt commented during the red carpet pre-show that men at the Oscars have it easy – black tux, white shirt. But his co-star and best supporting actor nominee, Jonah Hill, stylishly went with all black, further accentuating his slimmed-down figure. Jonah sweetly escorted his proud mother to the show.

Best Yeah-I-Know-I’m-Going-to-Win Dress

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep decided to dress like Oscar last night and ended up taking him home. She won for her leading actress role in “Iron Lady,” portraying former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. By wearing the gold Lanvin dress, she showed the same gusto you would have expected from the Iron Lady herself. A few of the past 10 Best Actress winners have worn gold dresses, and last night the trend continued.

Best Dress on the Second Take

Emma Stone

When I first saw this dress, I thought, “What is she doing? Red dress with red hair on the red carpet with that big fluffy bow?” But then I realized that the dress was more fuscia than red, that the bow was bold and beautiful, that the dress was classy with slight slit down the middle of the chest that you could only she when she moved a certain way (in sharp contrast to Jennifer Lopez’s dress), and that her cute act as presenter made you forget everything else anyway.

Best Flowy Dress

Melissa McCarthy

Bridesmaids’ tomboyish Melissa McCarthy looked great all dolled up without wearing a structured dress to try to corset herself. She wore a glamorous updo and flowy chiffon in a nude color with fancy silver detail. She wasn’t quite as classy in her pre-recorded skit with the always capable host, Billy Crystal, where she tried the same leg-in-the-air seduction technique she used in the movie.

Most Transformed

Viola Davis

From her role in the “The Help”

Viola Davis, Best Actress nominee

Viola Davis looked totally different from the character she was nominated for playing. She was absolutely stunning in a bright emerald dress that showed off her toned body. I hope she sports her natural hair more often. The copper color complements her skin tone well, and the short ‘do makes her face stand out.

Most Elegant

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain looks like a princess in her regal black, elaborately gold-printed dress with flowing hair. She played a sweetheart bombell in “The Help” and was sweetheart beautiful on the red carpet when she introduced her grandmother with a “Pretty Woman” giggle.

Best Dressed

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams was the absolute belle of the ball with this carefully designed gown with a sheer back, perfectly placed pleats and peplum, and silver bow detail on the right side at the waist. The commentators had trouble determining the color of the dress, and and eventually settled on coral.

Whatever it is, its brightness nicely contrasts her fair skin and hair. She’s a woman after my own heart, matching her makeup (peachy-pink, an innocent color I love) to her dress. Her naked ears and pixie cut create another intriguing juxtaposition – boyish against the feminine gown.

My Oscar’s Look

Looking into my compact for a touch-up. …Okay, pretending to look into my compact for a touch-up. Charcoal cat eyes, bronzed cheeks, beigy-nude lips, fashion jewelry, Victoria’s Secret dress.