Diaries of an Actress: Becoming a Working Actress

by indiaautry

The past couple months have been delightfully eventful. I’ve booked and starred in a dramatic TV pilot, I’ve become a student at one of the top acting schools in the country, and I’ve gone from auditioning sporadically to auditioning a few times a week.

I’m now a scene study studier at the famous T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre. When I met Terry Schrieber during the orientation and auditioning process, he told me: “You’re very castable – you’re lovely – and you have a great charisma about you.”

Terry Schreiber

Terry Schreiber

Below, I’m pictured at an industry event with actor Monroe Mann, who recently wrote, directed, produced and acted as legal counsel for the movie “You Can’t Kill Stephen King,” screening in Cannes.

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I love auditioning. As Al Pacino said when he was broke in New York City auditioning for indie projects, having an audition means “I got to act today,” and that’s a wonderful day! Plus, I thrive on the competition and the positive and constructive feedback I receive.

One encouraging thing I’ve heard is that I’d be a great fit for a spy/undercover cop/detective role like that Marsha Thomason plays in one of my favorite shows, “White Collar.”

Agent Diana Barrigan, "White Collar"

Agent Diana Barrigan, “White Collar”

Stayed tuned for more diary entries. I have a photo shoot on deck. My most recent shoot fulfilled a childhood dream of being an Arabian princess.


My wonderful makeup artist, Kimberly Curtis, transformed me into an Arabian princess!