Yes, I Cannes!

by indiaautry

I’ve just submitted my first self-produced short film to Cannes Film Festival! I recently meet “Drive” director Nicolas Winding Refn and his wife, and Nicolas was super encouraging of my efforts. He told me to “take it all the way.”

Palme d'Or Winners Photocall- 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Right before Ryan Gosling plants an epic kiss on Refn after “Drive” wins at Cannes.

My short film is adapted from the feature film script I wrote, both called “Brutally Yours.” I was inspired to make the short after meeting “Whiplash” writer and director Damien Chazelle at the New York Film Festival in the fall. His “Whiplash” short was a festival hit that led to the making of the feature, and Damien told me to relentlessly pursue the making of my feature. I didn’t need to be told, but it was great to hear!Damien Chazelle, right, with Oscar winning Best Supporting Actor for "Whiplash" J.K. Simmons

Damien Chazelle, right, with Oscar winning Best Supporting Actor for “Whiplash” J.K. Simmons

The director of my short is a twice Cannes-selected director. Fredric King, the developer of “Blue Valentine” is the director of photography, and Darren Bluestone who starred in “Avenue Q” co-stars with me in the film. I wrote and produced the short myself, bringing together the crew and music for the credits by David Rogue. The credits give “special thanks” to Rosalyn Coleman Williams (Anna Boden and Ryan Flecks‘ “It’s a Funny Kind of Story”), another super supportive person who I discussed the material with before writing the short.

I will keep you posted on the development of “Brutally Yours,” short and feature.