Press Kit For My Cannes Submitted Film, Including Pics!

by indiaautry

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My name is India, and I’m an alcoholic. “Brutally Yours” is adapted from my autobiographical feature screenplay, based on my personal story of alcoholism, emotional instability and self-destruction. I’m now sober and want to tell my story, the story of others who’ve been through similar pain and the story of those who have not yet come out on the other side.

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I started writing the feature in January of 2014, inspired by the similarity between a romantic relationship and an alcoholic’s relationship to alcohol. After meeting “Whiplash” writer/director Damien Chazelle at the New York Film Festival in October, I was inspired to adapt a section of the feature script into a short film. I had already been working to surround myself with people in my wheelhouse, so I brought on board Cannes-selected director Tristan Higgs and, as director of photography, the developer of “Blue Valentine” and producer of Sundance hit feature “Quattro Noza” Fredric King. Darren Bluestone, who starred in Broadway’s “Avenue Q” for three years through December, became my co-star.

Before I had even planned the short, I had workshopped much of the scene it is based on with Rosalyn Coleman Williams and in my acting class with Anthony Abeson.

Like Kiara, I’m a NYU Law graduate. I’ve pursued my acting, writing and producing career while practicing law full time. I garnered principal and supporting roles in New York City indie productions before writing and producing “Brutally Yours.” This is only the beginning for Kiara. Follow the short and the development of the feature on my website and blog at



India Autry…Kiara

Darren Bluestone…Caleb

Andrew Ayala…Cop
Marc A. Joseph…Cop
Ingeborg Reidmaier…Bartender
Sal Pavia…Resident


Directed by Tristan Higgs

Written and Produced by India Autry

Cinematography by Fredric King

Associate Producers: Darren Bluestone
Laurie Rud
Production Design by Ingeborg Reidmaier
Sound by Mike Anzel
Sound by Jalen Thompson
Editing and Sound Mixing by John Luder
Music: “Prisoner of Love” by David Rogue
Camera Assistant: Leland Gorlin
Production Assistant: Sarah Fritz
Hair and Makeup by Kimberly Curtis
Special Thanks: Rosalyn Coleman Williams

Country: United States
Duration: 12 minutes 53 seconds
Filming Format: Digital
Screening Ratio: 16:9
Sound: Stereo
Original Language: English