Production on Hold, Exciting New Director

An actor from one of my favorite shows Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay’s “Queen Sugar” on the OWN network is interested in directing my film, so production is being put on hold until at least the fall to work out the shooting schedule of the show.

I was able to find producers willing to provide locations, extras, some crew, equipment, craft services, music, composition, wardrobe assistance, publicity and other services in exchange for producer credit and an equity stake in the film. I’ve also gathered talented actors from my network for the casting process. The valuable funds raised via crowdfunding have now been set aside in the Brutally Yours LLC business account and can be used for certain crew positions with reduced rates, to meet SAG minimums and to purchase any props or additional resources not already obtained in-kind.

I owe a website thank you to the second-round of Indiegogo contributors: Rick Estacio, Mimi Suh, Zadie Walker, Jodi Wagmeister, Rebecca Livengood, Jumaan Short, Chris Rossi (writer of Olivia Wilde starrer “Meadowland”), Laura DeBar, Sandra Spearman, Sierra Rein, Emily Ransom & the anonymous donors.

Thanks to all my supporters for coming along for the ride!