Film Fun, Veteran’s Day, Scorpio Season & My Past Life as a Genie

by indiaautry

I attended the “Marshall” film festival screening. It was a moving and entertaining depiction of the legal giant, and the Thurgood Marshall family was in attendance, along with the cast and crew. (Below, Josh Gad, Kate Hudson, Chadwick Boseman; not pictured, Sterling K. Brown)

2017-09-26 16.02.38

Scorpio Season is in full swing, for all of you born between October 23 and November 22… or for those others who enjoy the Scorpionic energy in the air of intensity & truth!



For the 3rd Halloween in my adult life, I was drawn towards a genie costume – not to mention the Arabian photo shoot I did that wasn’t even related to Halloween. Perhaps I’ve identified one of my past lives!

Happy Veterans Day tomorrow to everyone who has served our country! You’ve carried us on your shoulders and we thank you. Here’s a throwback of my dad in the U.S. Marine


I’m currently enjoying a new vegetarian/vegan lifestyle of the past four months or so. And, believe it or not, it’s delish!

It’s made a big difference in my energy levels & spiritual connection. Great conditions while film ideas percolate. Click here to see what I’ve done so far on IMDB.