Practical Dreaming

by indiaautry

From keeping a dream journal and watching animals in nature, I’ve learned that there’s magic in pausing, nurturing yourself and taking in the magic all around us. That fantastical stillness allows us to move forward in our practical undertakings with that much more vigor.

A couple of those hands-on steps for me is working virtually with my British accent training coach who lives in England. She’s a hard taskmaster, which is exactly how I like it. I also tune into the Scriptnotes podcast by John August for his screenwriting expertise.

I’d like to end with what’s been inspiring me. Students are missing their graduations this month due to the pandemic, and many people are showing their support for them in the best way they can. “Some Good News” hosted by John Krasinski brought on icons to speak words of encouragement to graduates:

“The dream that your ancestors held for you, you now carry forward in such a way that you wear the crown that they made for you.” ~Oprah

I also discovered a commencement speech by the author David Foster Wallace. It was a reminder not worship our power, beauty or intellect. What should we worship, then? How we can uplift the collective.