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I am an award-winning SAG-e actress, writer and filmmaker who loves to play intense characters in bold and daring films that will haunt you into changing the world. I wrote a feature film script called “Brutally Yours” and wrote, produced and starred in the short film version that premiered at Cannes Film Festival 2015. I directed and starred in a second short adapted from the feature called “Love-locked,” and I’m producing the feature version of the film. I enjoy telling the uncomfortable truth through gritty, witty stories about personal anguish, the pursuit of justice and following the heart. Executive of Brutally Yours LLC, also known as Warrior’s Spirit Productions.

I studied with Anthony Abeson, whose former students include Jennifer Aniston. Collaborative directors like Derek Cianfrance appeal to me, and I aim to work with the most committed people in the industry to create productions that move people. I invite you to follow me on my journey on my Twitter page. For info on my journey from lawyer to actress, see my press page. Click for my actress resume. See my producer resume.