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Diaries of an Actress: Lifestyle Photos & Spring Update

My lifestyle photos show the roles I can play!

Can you see me as a Covergirl?


IndiaAutryupscale…and Pleasure. If I had a magic wand, I’d play girlfriend to “Golden Boy!”

What I’ve Been Up To:

I recently shot a comedic short film about the film biz, pictured at right, receiving a great review from director David Fu. I filmed a starring role in a TV pilot as Dr. Patterson, with praise from director Nora Klein for my comedic timing. I played the dramatic representative role of Catherine from David Auburn‘s Proof under the direction of the renowned Susan Pilar.

I sat second row while Matthew McConaughey and director/writer¬†Jeff Nichols talked about their new movie, “Mud” in Soho. I later saw it in theaters, and it was very good – compelling performances from both McConaughey and Tye Sheridan.

I think he spotted me!

I think he spotted me!

10 Hottest Guys on Television Right Now

In case you haven’t heard, we’re in the Golden Age of television…especially if hotness is any indication. So if you’re not watching yet, send your boyfriend out for milk and turn on the tube!

Let’s start out red-hot…


Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide, Chicago Fire (NBC)

Hair: Salt & pepper, Teeth: cute gap, Body: perfect.

Hair: Salt & pepper, Eyes: Piercing blue, Teeth: Cute gap, Body: Perfect.

Jesse Spencer as Lt. Matthew Casey, Chicago Fire (NBC)

Firemen don't need uniforms, do they?

Firemen don’t need uniforms, do they?

Charlie Barnett as Peter Mills, Chicago Fire (NBC)


I guess uniforms are okay sometimes ūüėČ

Cool down with some…


Jake Johnson as Nick Miller, New Girl (Fox)

The lovable loser. Love his raspy voice too!

The lovable loser. Love his raspy voice too!

Max Greenfield as Schmidt, New Girl (Fox)

Classic good looks and a hilariously silly character, a great combination.

Classic good looks and a hilariously silly character, a great combination.

Daniel Tosh as who else? Daniel Tosh!, Tosh.o (Comedy Central)

Veteran humor hunk.

Veteran humor hunk.

And go out with bang!


Kevin Alejandro as Detective Christian Arroyo, Golden Boy (CBS)

He replied to one of my tweets about a captivating performance. *Swoon*

He replied to one of my tweets about a captivating performance. *Swoon*

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Suits (USA)

He's a hot-shot, wise-cracking, high-powered attorney. And he's hot.

He’s a hot-shot, wise-cracking, high-powered attorney. And he’s hot.

Theo James as Detective Walter Clark, Golden Boy (CBS)

The name of the show says it all.

The name of the show says it all.

Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant, Scandal (ABC)

Even hotter than he was in "Ghost" two decades ago. Especially opposite "Scandal" star Kerry Washington, pictured together on a recent cover of Entertainment Weekly. Check out this cute video.

Even hotter now than he was in “Ghost” two decades ago, especially opposite “Scandal” star Kerry Washington, pictured together on a recent cover of Entertainment Weekly. Check out this cute video of them together off set.

Diaries of an Actress: Becoming a Working Actress

The past couple months have been¬†delightfully eventful. I’ve¬†booked and starred in a dramatic TV pilot,¬†I’ve become a student at one of the top acting¬†schools in the country, and I’ve gone from auditioning sporadically¬†to auditioning a few times a week.

I’m now a scene study studier at the famous T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre. When I met Terry Schrieber during the orientation and auditioning process, he told me: “You’re very castable –¬†you’re lovely –¬†and you have a great charisma about you.”

Terry Schreiber

Terry Schreiber

Below, I’m pictured at an industry event with actor Monroe Mann, who recently wrote, directed, produced and acted as legal counsel for the movie “You Can’t Kill Stephen King,” screening in Cannes.

BEo2HAPCYAE3aA5.jpg large

I love auditioning. As Al Pacino said when he was broke in New York City auditioning for indie projects, having an audition means “I got to act today,” and that’s a wonderful day! Plus, I thrive on the competition and the positive and constructive feedback I receive.

One encouraging thing I’ve heard is that I’d be a great fit for a spy/undercover cop/detective role like that Marsha Thomason plays in one of my favorite shows, “White Collar.”

Agent Diana Barrigan, "White Collar"

Agent Diana Barrigan, “White Collar”

Stayed tuned for more diary entries. I have a photo shoot on deck. My most recent shoot fulfilled a childhood dream of being an Arabian princess.


My wonderful makeup artist, Kimberly Curtis, transformed me into an Arabian princess!




The Top 10 Best of the Oscars

My Oscars predictions were right, if you count the distinctions I made between my favorites and the ones who were likely to win. Now, I’m bestowing awards based on Oscars night itself.

1. Best Host Ever: Seth MacFarlane


I never doubted Seth MacFarlane’s integrity…and he didn’t disappoint, remaining his usual irreverent self as host of¬†a fairly mainstream show – making him the best (and cutest) Oscars host in recent memory. He’s feeling the backlash of criticism, as he predicted during a skit in his show. Click here for 10 of his best jokes.

2. Most Trendy: anyone who wore an art deco or metallic dress

As I watched the gowns come down the red carpet, I noticed a clear trend. A plurality of the dresses were art deco or metallic dresses.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

3. Biggest Disappointment: Channing Tatum‘s perfomance

When I heard Channing Tatum was performing, I was  hoping for something more like this.

Magic Mikesque.

Magic Mikesque.

Not this.

Though he and Charlize Theron did do a beautiful number.

Though he and Charlize Theron did do a beautiful number.

4. Most Misunderstood: Ben Affleck¬†(“Argo” – Best Picture)

A little off-topic, but Ben does facial hair so well.

A little off-topic, but Ben does facial hair so well.

I was so excited to see director Ben Affleck get his just due. After he recovered from some other guy taking up a lot of his speaking time, his emotion was very compelling. When he started crying, he reminded me of his perhaps little-known¬†character in “Forces of Nature,” which goes to show we bring our authentic selves to the screen.

Speaking of “Forces of Nature,” I immediately recognized his commentary about marriage as a paraphrase of a line used in the film about the triumph of true love and commitment.

I thought saying it to Jennifer Garner during his speech was quite romantic and much more real than the “I love my wife, couldn’t have done this without her” line that you hear over and over. I think it’s a shame that Ben had to explain his comment publicly. I mean, really, is it any mystery to any of us that relationships are work?

5. Best Cutaway to a Nominee: Quvenzhane Wallis (“Beasts of the Southern Wild“)

Too young to hold back that rightful and natural urge to root for ourselves.

Too young to hold back that rightful and natural urge to root for ourselves.

See video here.

6. Most Amazing Record Setter: Daniel Day-Lewis¬†(“Lincoln“)

My favorite actor, Daniel Day-Lewis, has officially become the greatest actor of all time – the first to win three best actor Oscars!


7. Most Stunning: Jessica Chastain and Charlize Theron

In the words of Mark Wahlberg, it’s a tie – “no B.S.” Jessica, always sophisticated, was beautiful in what she called “Old Hollywood Glamour” (my favorite kind of glamour), in a goldish nude sweetheart column dress and red lips.

Charlize showed off her beautiful face with a pixie (I’m always partial to those) and¬†wore white, which is one of the most stand-out¬†colors you can wear if your skintone is different enough to set it off.

Commentators compared Chastain to Jessica Rabbit, showing it doesn't take buxom to be sexy.

Commentators compared Chastain to Jessica Rabbit, showing it doesn’t take buxom to be sexy.

Charlize is beautiful and the column dress shows skin and accentuates curves in all the right places.

Charlize is beautiful and the column dress shows skin and accentuates curves in all the right places.

8. Best You-Weren’t-Supposed-to-Notice-That Moment: Joseph Gordon-Levitt¬†and Sally Field (“Lincoln”)

JGL clearly wasn’t happy when E’s¬†Ryan Seacrest asked Sally Field the question asked way too many times, “Did you have to fight for this role?” Joseph who had Best Supporting Actress nominee¬†Sally Field¬†on his arm on the red carpet slightly rolled his eyes and looked away when the question was asked, and chimed in with “you killed it” when he felt Sally wasn’t getting enough credit for how well she performed the role. What a gentleman and protector. My hero!

Of course they don't take a picture when he's looking away.

Of course they don’t take a picture when he’s looking away.

9. Most Missed (For the Second Year Running): Ryan Gosling

The Gos.

The Gos.

For two¬†¬†years in a row, Ryan Gosling hasn’t¬†made an appearance at the Oscars –¬†I noted his absence in last year’s Oscars review. Perhaps his upcoming movie “Beyond the Pines” will get him the nomination he deserves and get him onto the red carpet on Hollywood’s biggest night of the year, where he belongs.

10. The Undeniable Belle of the Ball (Even Though She Fell): Jennifer Lawrence (“Silver Linings Playbook“)


As you know, I thought Jessica Chastain should have won Best Actress for “Zero Dark Thirty,” but Jennifer Lawrence is an unstoppable force right now. She’s been deemed Oscars’ best dressed, in an elaborate and unique feminine baby pink gown. And she admirably recovered from a fall going up the steps to accept the award. In fact, it was a glamorous Cinderalla moment. And she’s 22, not quite the youngest winner of this coveted award.

Valentine’s Day Oscars Picks

Happy Valentine’s Day, my one year anniversary of blogging! I’m marking the occasion by doing a pre-Oscars write up.

Best Actor: DDL (Lincoln)

My favorite scene? The I-mean-business, you-best-be-getting-me-my-votes Lincoln scene.

My favorite scene? The I-mean-business, you-best-be-getting-me-my-votes scene.

My favorite actor, Daniel Day Lewis, will score again. He not only transformed his appearance, but even the way he moved and spoke was Abe all the way. Ah. Maze. Ing. He brought the exalted president down to earth and into our hearts; and, along with the rest of the exceptional cast, made an important American history lesson a grand, moving experience.

Best Actress: Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty)

My favorite scene? The I-mean-business, you'd-best-be-getting-me-my-resources scene.

My favorite scene? The I-mean-business, you’d-best-be-getting-me-my-resources scene.

She’s one of my favorite actresses, period. Her delicate features, high voice and passionate spirit made her perfect for this suprisingly-strong woman role – the type of role I can see myself playing.

Now, I make this choice, abashedly, without having yet seen “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” However, I think I’m safe in assuming Oscar isn’t progressive enough to designate even a very talented and adorable child as best actress. The nomination is impressive, though. Not only would Quvenzhane Wallis be the youngest best actress, she would be only the second of African descent.

I have a bet going with a friend who has his money on Jennifer Lawrence for “Silver Linings Playbook.” Unfortunately, the odds are on his side.

Best Supporting Actor: Robert Deniro (Silver Linings Playbook)

silver-linings-playbook-robert-deniroNow, I know Christoph Waltz is predicted to win this for his role in the awesome “Django Unchained,” having already done so at the SAG awards. But I like Deniro for this honor, mainly because one of his scenes made me cry in under a minute of talking to his mentally dysfunctional son, played by Bradley Cooper.

Although, Waltz’s win will be nice recognition for Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” especially since star Jaime Foxx didn’t get a best actor nom.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)


I dreamed a dream – ’nuff said.

Best Director: Ang Lee (Life of Pi)

However. Shame on you, Academy, for not nominating Ben.


For shame.

Fortunately, the Brits disagree. (See the related article at the end.)

But I’m guessing Oscar will give Ang Lee his props for making an “unfilmable” book filmable.

This movie had me calling my cat "Richard Parker" for the rest of the night.
This movie had me calling my cat “Richard Parker” for the rest of the night.

Best Picture: Argo (Ben Affleck‘s Argo)

SAG’s winner for Best Ensemble Cast usually is a predictor of best picture, and Ben deserves some credit for becoming a heck of a director.

Incidentally, nice jeans.

Incidentally, nice jeans…

Introducing…Diaries of An Actress: Auditioning for Oprah’s Network and how I had my Halle Berry Moment

Tonight at 9 EST, Lance Armstrong’s doping interview will be airing on Oprah’s network. I’m hoping to follow in his footsteps. With appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) – not the doping.

130115162905-lance-armstrong-oprah-winfrey-1-single-image-cutI’m telling you because I’ve decided to revamp my blog and shift the focus from cosmetic and fashion advice to documenting my experience in the entertainment industry, with beauty and style sprinkled along the way. Only in my last “My Model Diaries” entry did I beginning talking about my acting journey. Here’s the continuation.

Months ago, I submitted for a principal role on OWN’s “Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal.” Recently, a show producer contacted me wanting to meet with me about the part. I had totally forgotten about the role, but I certainly was glad to be reminded!


“Unfaithful” screenshot

A couple days later, I showed up at the casting in Midtown West in one my favorite outfits – a hunter green V-neck faux wrap dress from Love21 and a cream-colored fedora from Aldo. First, I ended up in the wrong casting room. I stepped off the elevator and a guy who looked like he knew what we was talking about, pointed me and another actress into a small audition room.

There was about fifteen minutes of looking around at the room’s cool decor and finally pulling out my current favorite read – a Christmas gift from my mom. Then, a woman who looked like she knew what she was talking about stepped out of a room and looked at me stunned, greeted me and handed me a contract.

I was a little confused but excited to use my law license as I sat down and started reading. It was for a voice acting gig. I guess she looked stunned because I didn’t look like a voice actor.

Good thing I had arrived early and got to the right place in time! When it was my turn to meet with the producer, she was very complimentary of me. She only expressed concern over the length of my hair. Apparently, the look of the character had changed since she contacted me – these things happen, and they wanted her to have long hair.

While I disdain society’s long hair bias, I figured this wasn’t the time to fight that battle! She asked if I had a picture of myself in a wig. My loyal followers know that I do, this picture from my model picture diary page:

New-Image-6x4-334dpiI told her I could email the picture. We wrapped things up, she asked me if I had any tattoos or piercings (I don’t), and we parted. As I walked away, I remembered that I’d read that casting directors and such don’t have very good imaginations. I felt that they couldn’t see how I looked in a wig from looking at the picture alone.

I also remembered how my idol, Halle Berry, landed her first major role. She was being considered for the role of a crack addict in Spike Lee‘s “Jungle Fever.” But Spike ended up telling her that he thought she was too pretty. She begged for a chance to show that she could do the role. She showed up looking raggedy, hair unkempt, clothes dirty and torn.


Halle, in “Jungle Fever,” 1991, proving that pretty girls have range.

She showed them that she could do a different look and landed the part.

Halle in "Strictly Business" later in 1991

Halle in “Strictly Business” later in 1991. She began getting picked up by films once she was noticed in “Jungle Fever.”

I decided there was no reason why I couldn’t do the same thing. I searched for the nearest wig place on my iPhone. The first costume shop I went to didn’t have any wigs, but the owner pointed me toward good ole’ Ricky’s. I picked the one that looked the most like the hair the producer vaguely described and, with the help of a couple Ricky’s employees and mirror, wore it out of the store so I could walk back into the audition room fully confident.

I got a couple more catcalls wearing the wig than I got walking to get it, so that helped the confidence level.

cat-callOnce back inside, I didn’t know the decorum for reappearing at a casting, so I signed in again and waited until my turn. Again. I got a couple compliments from other actresses waiting their turn as well, though one was directed solely toward my teal and purple color block heels.

When I walked into the producer’s room again, she said “nice to meet you” before she realized who I was. “Wow, you look so different. The wig looks so natural! …I didn’t realize you were coming back!” I responded “Me either!”

I was happy that she was happy. She took a picture, and I walked out feeling good. And I’m happy that I’m a lawyer with enough flexibility to go the extra mile in the area of my passion without worrying about getting back to a job.

I still hope to hear that I’ve secured the role, but, even if I don’t, I feel good having had that experience and knowing that more opportunities are on the way.

If you want me to post a pic of me in the “Unfaithful” wig, cast your vote by liking or commenting on this post, either via WordPress, Facebook or Twitter.

See you next time!

And the Lipstick and Style Oscar Goes to…

From best dressed to hottest arm candy, see my top picks below!

Best Makeup with a Black Dress

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Most of the Oscaritas in black paired their dark dress with neutral makeup, but (leg jokes aside!) Angelina Jolie did it right. She wore a orangy-red lipstick to brighten up her look and keep the dark-colored dress from washing out her face. Rose Byrne, from “Bridesmaids,” could have used a bright fuscia lipstick to make her pretty face pop.

Rose Byrne

Maid of Honor

Ellie Kemper

Of all the funny girls in “Bridesmaids,” Ellie Kemper takes the Oscar for best look. Her dress has light-reflecting paillettes in bold tones of copper, perfectly matching her hair.

Best Ponytail

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

You don’t normally associate ponytails with uber formal events, but Sandra Bullock’s high, tight, and sleek pony does the job. And that’s not the only thing looking high, tight, and sleek! Her classy Marchesa dress is fitted in the hip area for a surprising sexiness.

Gwenyth Paltrow, though she looked like an absolutely gorgeous tall glass of milk in her white dress and cape, sported a ponytail that was a little too loose and low for my taste.

Gwenyth Paltrow

Best Hair

Brad Pitt

Best actor nominee Brad Pitt, “Moneyball”

Surprised it’s a guy? Don’t be. I absolutely love this guy, especially with long locks.

Best Dressed Man

Jonah Hill

Moneyball’s Brad Pitt commented during the red carpet pre-show that men at the Oscars have it easy – black tux, white shirt. But his co-star and best supporting actor nominee, Jonah Hill, stylishly went with all black, further accentuating his slimmed-down figure. Jonah sweetly escorted his proud mother to the show.

Best Yeah-I-Know-I’m-Going-to-Win Dress

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep decided to dress like Oscar last night and ended up taking him home. She won for her leading actress role in “Iron Lady,” portraying former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. By wearing the gold Lanvin dress, she showed the same gusto you would have expected from the Iron Lady herself. A few of the past 10 Best Actress winners have worn gold dresses, and last night the trend continued.

Best Dress that Grows on You

Emma Stone

When I first saw this dress, I thought, “What is she doing? Red dress with red hair on the red carpet with that big fluffy bow?” But then I realized that the dress was more fuscia than red, that the bow was bold and beautiful, that the dress was classy with slight slit down the middle of the chest that you could only she when she moved a certain way (in sharp contrast to Jennifer Lopez’s dress), and that her cute act as presenter made you forget everything else anyway.

Best Plus-Sized Dress

Melissa McCarthy

Bridesmaids’ tomboyish Melissa McCarthy looked great all dolled up without wearing a structured dress to try to corset herself. She wore a glamorous updo and flowly chiffon in a nude color with fancy silver detail. She wasn’t quite as classy in her pre-recorded skit with the always capable host, Billy Crystal, where she tried the same leg-in-the-air seduction technique she used in the movie.

Best Arm Candy

with Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer, who gave an tearful speech when she won Best Supporting Actress for her role in “The Help,” wore a beautifully fitting white embroidered dress and a hunk on her arm. The only thing missing? I would have liked to have seen a plum color on her lips to brighten her face.

Most Transformed

Viola Davis

From her role in the “The Help”

Viola Davis, Best Actress nominee

Viola Davis looked totally different from the character she was nominated for playing. She was absolutely stunning in a bright emerald dress that showed off her toned body. It was great to see Viola looking glamorous, since she is not often cast in roles that show what a beautiful woman she is. I hope she sports her natural hair more often, rather than the black wigs she normally wears. The copper color complements her skin tone well, and the short ‘do makes her face stand out.

Most Elegant

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain looks like a princess in her regal black, elaborately gold-printed dress with flowing hair. She played a sweetheart bombell in “The Help” and was sweetheart beautiful on the red carpet when she introduced her grandmother with a “Pretty Woman” giggle.

Best Dressed

Michelle Williams

I have a new idol! Michelle Williams was the absolute belle of the ball with this carefully designed gown with a sheer back, perfectly placed pleats and peplum, and silver bow detail on the right side at the waist. The commentators had trouble determining the color of the dress, and and eventually settled on coral.

Whatever it is, its brightness nicely contrasts her fair skin and hair. She’s a woman after my own heart, matching her makeup (peachy-pink, an innocent color I love) to her dress. Her naked ears and pixie cut create another intriguing juxtaposition – boyish against the feminine gown.

Most Missed

Ryan Gosling

From Oscars 2011, where he was passed over for a nomination as Michelle Williams’ co-star in “Blue Valentine.” Can’t blame him for showing up this year!

3 great movies this year and 0 nominations? Booooo. ‘Nuff said.

My Oscar’s Look

Looking into my compact for a touch-up. …Okay, pretending to look into my compact for a touch-up. Charcoal cat eyes, bronzed cheeks, beigy-nude lips, fashion jewelry, Victoria’s Secret dress.

Whitney Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

"The Whitney I knew, despite her success and worldwide fame, still wondered: 'Am I good enough? Am I pretty enough? Will they still like me?' It was the burden that made her great and the part that caused her to stumble in the end. Whitney, if you could hear me now, I would tell you: you weren't just good enough - you were great." -from Kevin Costner's eulogy for her, February 18, 2012

His Style Rises Above

This guy made last night my best Valentine’s Day ever…

Discovering Reeve Carney as Spiderman on Broadway, getting caught in his web – and creepily bringing it home with me.

I don’t still have it though.

Yes, I do.

Anyway. I highly recommended the show. Funny lines, action and animation that you don’t get in the typical musical, a highly entertaining Southern-accented Green Goblin, and more comic bookishness than the movie provided.

But one actor made the show. Reeve Carney, a cross between Macaulay Caulkin, James Franco, and Zac Efron…but better than that sounds.

Reeve’s sincerity brought believability and excitement to the love story. His intensity made the music intoxicating: you have not heard “Rise Above” or “Boy Falls From the Sky” ’til you hear him belt them out on stage with a surprising gravitas. And he has the fluid movement of a trained dancer.

Eat your heart out, Tobey.

As Peter Parker, Reeve pulled off geek chic. In one scene he wore a cool red and blue plaid shirt with jeans and matching red Converses – an outfit cute enough to make you wish your name was Mary Jane.

The real Reeve Carney, 28, is more emo than his Broadway character – allowing him to be even more stylish.

Did I mention he’s a singer-songwriter?

But don’t let the pretty boy style fool you. He bounced off stage walls and swung around Foxwoods Theater like a the manliest of men.

Someone please make this guy the next Ryan Gosling, so I can stare at him dreamily more often!