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Actress India Autry’s Cannes Film Festival Short Film ‘Brutally Yours’ Has People Talking


Oscar-winning writer/director Damien Chazelle (“Whiplash,” “La La Land”) on “Brutally Yours:”

“very powerful” ~ “the characters are vivid and wonderful, and it’s altogether really intriguing”


Writer Chris Rossi (Olivia Wilde starrer “Meadowland”) on “Brutally Yours:”

“well-written, well-told story full of complicated characters” ~ “very important, timely issues [anchored] in the ups and downs of the romance” ~ “rollercoaster ride of [Kiara and Caleb’s] relationship felt very real”


Ryan and Gosling & I made the papers.

“I did it before I knew better, and it turned out to be the start of a magical thread throughout my career.” ~Daily Actor

“A woman of many talents.” ~The Sampson Independent newspaper front page article


See me featured in Christina Ricci -inspired photo meme series including Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. ~CBC Radio Canada


“Very castable…lovely…great charisma” -Terry Schreiber, Broadway director

“Edgy…powerful” -Anthony Abeson, teacher (Jennifer Aniston)

“Very natural – a great improvisor.” -John Richardson, director

“Fearless” -Paul Geiger, award-winning actor

“Fantastic to work with” -Nora Klein, director

“Grace and intelligence that shines through.” -Jason Stefaniak, producer/writer

“Great style…wonderful energy” -John Arrington, director/writer

“A tremendous talent.” -David Quinones, producer

“Great work.” -Justine Simonson, producer-writer, Discovery Channel