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My Experience on Film Fest Q&A Panel, Pics & Film Clips

Loved being on the Q&A panel at the Virginia Film Fest for “But Not For Me” feature film!

I talked about what it was like to play a philosophical model in a commercial made by the advertising agency portrayed in the film. I played the part very intensely — I was near tears in the drama of the part. When cut was called, everyone on the crew burst out laughing. I was surprised at first, but that’s when I realized I had done my job! The seriousness with which I played the part made possible the comedic effect of an advertising agency taking itself too seriously. Click here to see the clip.

Here’s the full trailer of this progressive hip-hop romance – you dig? Great performance and music by Marcus Carl Franklin (who starred with Heath Ledger & Cate Blanchett in “I’m Not There”). “But Not for Me” also features Roger Guenveur Smith (profilic actor in some many film from “Do the Right Thing” to “Dope”), and we won the audience choice award at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

My pics with Marcus and more of the cast and crew below:

From left to right: the moderator; producer, Jason Stefaniak; writer/director, Ryan Carmichael; actor Maria Vermeulen; me; actor, Solomon Hailemichael; actor, Marcus Carl Franklin


Diaries of an Actress: Lifestyle Photos & Spring Update

My lifestyle photos show the roles I can play!

Can you see me as a Covergirl?


IndiaAutryupscale…and Pleasure. If I had a magic wand, I’d play girlfriend to “Golden Boy!”

What I’ve Been Up To:

I recently shot a comedic short film about the film biz, pictured at right, receiving a great review from director David Fu. I filmed a starring role in a TV pilot as Dr. Patterson, with praise from director Nora Klein for my comedic timing. I played the dramatic representative role of Catherine from David Auburn‘s Proof under the direction of the renowned Susan Pilar.

I sat second row while Matthew McConaughey and director/writer Jeff Nichols talked about their new movie, “Mud” in Soho. I later saw it in theaters, and it was very good – compelling performances from both McConaughey and Tye Sheridan.

I think he spotted me!

I think he spotted me!