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Diaries of an Actress: Catching You Up on the All the Goodness

A lot has happened since my autumn diary entry. I’ve spent the new year beginning to make my film idea a reality. The feature script I’m writing (starring yours truly, of course) is nearing completion! And more film ideas are waiting to come down the pike.

Last month, I booked and filmed a supporting role in a SAG film “But Not for Me” by Emmy-winning producer Jason Stefaniak. What else? Well, there was another supporting role in “Keep the Party Going.” Then there was shooting the teaser for a feature film in which I play the title character. I’m pictured with my co-star below.

Still from "Jasmine" (working title).

Still from “Jasmine” (working title).


I got a callback for a feature film in the vein of “Blue Valentine” and “Half Nelson,” two of my top three favorite movies! The process came down to me and one other actress in a chemistry read with two finalist actors. I got added to an IMDB list. An “Orange is the New Black” audition and praise from an actress recurring on the show (Vicky Jeudy as Janae Watson) on my work in our acting class.

Actress and producer Emily Grace honored me with a scholarship to her program to teach actors how to get press. And guess what! I got me some front-page press.

My first film ever, “First Baptist,” premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival. A co-star role on “Deadly Sins” to air on cable’s Discovery Investigation Channel. See the pic of the house where we filmed on Instagram. A birthday trip to San Francisco back in October.

Yeah, that's right. I hiked and lived in the woods for a night. In a dress.

Yeah, that’s right. I hiked and lived in the woods for a night. In a dress.


Last, but not least – a turn as Catwoman on Halloween (check it out on Instagram: @IndiaKiara).


Halle Hepburn (It’s a nickname I got on Twitter yesterday, and I quite like it!)

3 Best & Worst of the Emmys

I hosted my first Emmy viewing party. I plan to have them each year until I get an invite to real thing! As a former beauty and style blogger, my party started at 6 p.m. with the red carpet, of course.


Hanging with one of my friends after the party. There was no red carpet, but there were red lips a red couch!

Here are my most memorable moments and people from television’s big night:

1. “Breaking Bad

They saved the best for last when “Breaking Bad” won best drama series. It’s my favorite show right now, and it was great to see the amazing lead actor Bryan Cranston (who sadly didn’t win his category), so excited for the show’s win as it nears its series finale. It was also wonderful to see Jesse – I mean, cutie supporting actor Aaron Paul (another disappointing loss in his category) – celebrate the win, with his wife and mother as his guests for the night.


Cranston, Paul


Gunn is a lucky girl!


Anna Gunn, second from left, won best supporting actress in a drama series, and her dress was my favorite! I loved the cool cut and texture of the black top and the elegant pale pink contrasted bottom.  I also liked Jewel’s delicate dress. There was a lot of feminity on the red carpet this year.




2. Kerry Washington

Washington carried on the trend of the elaborate, feminine dress. “Scandal” is one of my favorite shows, and I wanted Kerry to win best actress in a drama series, especially since she is only the second black woman in a lead role on primetime – the first since the legendary Diahann Carroll in the early 1970s. She lost, and the Emmys seemed to give her a nod (and attempt to appease the many fans of “Scandal”) by having Washington present earlier that night with Carroll, who lavished praise on to her.



3. Kevin Spacey

Perhaps the funniest moment of the show was during the opening when Kevin Spacey turned to face the camera and began commenting on the scripted chaos on stage in his “House of Cards” character’s typical way.

No, this isn't a screen shot from Netflix original "House of Cards"

No, this isn’t a screen shot from Netflix original show

For a full list of winners, click here.