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Update: Special Actor Reading the Script!

There’s a major actor who is reading the script for the lead role of my character’s boyfriend (the identity is under wraps for now). In the meantime, I want to raise as much as possible to make the project as attractive as possible and get closer to being able to make the film. The campaign expires December 23. Click on the Indiegogo page here.

Thank you to the first-round of contributors: Vaughn J. Buffalo (our biggest donor so far!), Alan C. Drewsen, Jeremy Thompson, Douglas Burley, Steven Ramirez, Eric McRoy, Mike Gassert, Josh Bernstein, Victoria Bert, Prentice Autry, Laurie Rud, Christian Davis, Leonard Sturner, Andrew Herman, Maciej Ochalik, Isabel Jones, Elizabeth Ashford, Karen Kitchens, Amanda Nichole Miller, Nate Trager, Josh Bernstein, Kyle Shilling, Kevin Coffay, Jesse Jensen (Listen to Jane in Space), Marzy Hart, Robert Johnsen, Cindy McLamb, Felicia Nicole Henry, Pamela Murphy, Tareq Mahmud, Win Chesson, Charles Thomas Jr., Christine Ness, Latesha Smith, Jane Marie-Kane, Sandy Cockrell, William Rosenberg, LaRue Stanley, Jenny Moss, Gina Savage, Rita Aurandt, Sarah Olsen, Luke Gibala, Steve Thompson, Adam Katz, Rob Hadley, Lee Lovett, Isabel Taylor Jones, Katie Inch, Shelley Titus, Rosalyn Coleman Williams & anonymous donors.

Cannes I Get a Witness?

I’ve just returned from having my film “Brutally Yours” at Cannes Film Festival with great connections for developing my feature film script.¬†I had a meeting with the awesome¬†Matthew Rhodes, president of motion pictures at Bold Films. Adieu!

Diaries of an Actress: Catching You Up on the All the Goodness

A lot has happened since my autumn diary entry. I’ve spent the new year beginning to make my film idea a reality. The feature script I’m writing (starring yours truly, of course) is nearing completion! And more film ideas are waiting to come down the pike.

Last month, I booked and filmed a supporting role in a SAG film “But Not for Me” by Emmy-winning producer Jason Stefaniak. What else? Well, there was another supporting role in “Keep the Party Going.” Then there was shooting the teaser for a feature film in which I play the title character. I’m pictured with my co-star below.

Still from "Jasmine" (working title).

Still from “Jasmine” (working title).


I got a callback for a feature film in the vein of “Blue Valentine” and “Half Nelson,” two of my top three favorite movies! The process came down to me and one other actress in a chemistry read with two finalist actors. I got added to an IMDB list. An “Orange is the New Black” audition and praise from an actress recurring on the show (Vicky Jeudy as Janae Watson) on my work in our acting class.

Actress and producer Emily Grace honored me with a scholarship to her program to teach actors how to get press. And guess what! I got me some front-page press.

My first film ever, “First Baptist,” premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival. A co-star role on “Deadly Sins” to air on cable’s Discovery Investigation Channel. See the pic of the house where we filmed on Instagram. A birthday trip to San Francisco back in October.

Yeah, that's right. I hiked and lived in the woods for a night. In a dress.

Yeah, that’s right. I hiked and lived in the woods for a night. In a dress.


Last, but not least – a turn as Catwoman on Halloween (check it out on Instagram: @IndiaKiara).


Halle Hepburn (It’s a nickname I got on Twitter yesterday, and I quite like it!)