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New “Love-Locked” Film: Frame Grabs & Behind-the-Scenes Photos

I just filmed my second short film adapted from my feature script. This time, I directed as well as writing, producing & starring.

“Love-locked” is about an interracial couple whose relationship is tested by the politics of mass incarceration.

Check out the cast & crew on IMDB, including my co-star Jason Griffith, the iconic voice of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon. Turns out he’s got a nice face and great dramatic acting chops too!

We got some amazing shots, thanks to my shot list and my amazing director of photography Matthew Canada.

Frame Grabs:

Behind-the-Scenes Photos:

Perfecting the bird’s eye view


Our gaffer extraordinaire Daniel Lipski

Prepping for the first shot

Prepping for the first shot

It’s always the toughest!

Our DP Matthew Benjamin Canada having some fun.

Lights, camera... you know the rest.

Lights, camera… you know the rest.

The film is being edited before it hits the festival circuit. Stay tuned!

Click to See the Poster for my Cannes Submitted Film

Brutally Yours Poster

Philip Seymour Hoffman, in Memoriam

July 23, 1967 – February 2, 2014


I struggled with whether to write a post…After all, what can I say that we don’t already know? But Mr. Hoffman’s passing devastated me, though I never met him. I think many of us feel the same. Of course we mourn for his family and friends and those who knew first-hand of his charm and loving spirit. But the rest of his mourn him too. He was an incredible actor. He had the ability to move us in ways that few have.

And I’m not one for “bringing flowers” only when someone dies. I’ve long said that he was one of my favorite actors and one of the most intense. His devious yet endearing performance in “The Talented Mr. Ripley” stole my gritty little heart, and I’ve been following him ever since. We’re fortunate that he memorialize so many wonderful performances that we can watch at any time.

I don’t want to get controversial, but I do want to use this platform to advocate an important point for me: I do think that people who don’t have an intimate knowledge of substance abuse should take care with their commentary about his struggle and the nature of his death. I’ll end with this: Philip Seymour Hoffman was a piercing actor and – forgive me, I said it when it was alive & I’ll say it now – a ‘sexy beast.’

“He had a rare ability to illuminate the varieties of human ugliness. No one ever did it so beautifully.” -A.O. Scott, New York Times